Daniel Fogarty


In essence the works are a set of primitive helmets. Universally recognised shapes
if I put;
i  i                 o o               – –             H H
  j        or         y       or      U     or        |
__                  (-)                <               o

The shapes are recognisable…

Daniel Fogarty is based in Manchester, UK, and graduated in BA Fine Art from Sheffield Hallam University in 2009. His first solo exhibition, Totem, took place at Bureau, Manchester in early 2012.  Other solo shows include Idents at Cornerhouse, Manchester and Recent Television Indents, which took place in the garden of a block of flats in a suburb of Manchester. Recent group shows include: Unspecific Objects, Malgras Naudet, Manchester; The Manchester Contemporary (October 2011 and September 2012); COPY in residence, Site Gallery, Sheffield; Sixty Drawings, Bankley Gallery, Manchester; We Are All In This Together, Bureau; PRISM #9, Sheffield; Crassfelt, Galéria Hit, Bratislava, Slovakia.

Currently Fogarty has a solo show presented by Vinyl Art Space running until September 2013. Daniel Fogarty is represented by Bureau.




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