Jacqueline Wylie

QR Quotes 2013 Ongoing

The concept behind Android really attracted me as I am a big fan of fantasy, si fi and the graphic novel. I recently began a practice-based PhD at Ulster University Belfast, researching how visual artists are exploiting the emergent potential of social media and the internet; and how the hybrid methodologies required working in this medium impact on material practice.

In early 2012 I began a highly personal research phase concerned with social media and the internet as a medium for making and exhibiting art that effectively bypasses and dematerializes the traditional ‘white cube’. My great passions are archaeology and art and my current focus is on early writing forms, calligraphy, concrete and pattern poetry, all contrasted with new digital crafts and apps, in an attempt to map and symbolize my presence on the internet. I am focusing on the ideas of people like Jacques Derrida, Tim Berners-Lee and Sherry Turkle and this exhibition gives me the opportunity to play with their ideas in a material, concrete form


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