John Lynch

Is This Who We Are

In a recent talk  Heike Lowestein, declared photography as a memory device. Roland Bathes wrote ‘Camera Lucid’ a book mainly about one photograph of is mother. In his grief., contemplating this image and its meaning. The photograph as memory. The photograph is the memory. A photograph and a memory, indistinguishable.

For an Android to function it has been posited, they must have a memory or a memory equivalent. A key scene in Blade Runner has photographs, photographs of family history, placed significantly on the piano and elsewhere. The viewer must question their validity.

My photographs, these fossilized images have deep meaning and significance for me. They have the same resonance, the same significance as memory. I have a similar reaction to these images as Bathes describes in his book. Unsurprisingly perhaps, he is describing an image of his parent, some of my images are of my parents. But none of my images were taken in my lifetime.

In Blade Runner, a persons memory was placed in many Androids. The concept of shared memory, shared existance. In ‘Is This Who We Are’ there is a photograph of  film star ‘Louise Brooks’, is an instantly recognisable image a shared memory?


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