Tom Baskeyfield

Anthropocentric Obsession


I have chosen to take the notion of android quite literally, as to mean ‘like man’. As I’m sure is the case for many people the word android conjures up images of robots, cyborgs and other science fiction creations of mechanical / biomechanical humanoids. As we progress further into ecological crisis this fixation on the human image, that of the masculine in particular, presents part of the problem.  It presents a directly anthropocentric (human centred) approach to looking at the world when what is called for is a shift to an ecocentric view.


According to kgb answers, an online question and answer service, 800 million chickens are raised for human consumption each year in the UK alone. It can be argued that only a very small percentage of these chickens will be free range and organic, so therefore will have lived a terrible life just to feed people. I am not a vegetarian but eat meat vary rarely. Whilst de-fleshing a chicken a couple of months ago to make stock, I became deeply interested in the intricacies of it bones and their direct link to our own bone structure – I recognized myself within it. To further explore the notion of ‘like man’ I thought the chicken spoke much about us and if one thinks about it all those who eat chicken, or any meat for that matter, on a regular bases, it could be said, are made of that animal.


Chicken bones are like Human bones

Humans eat a lot of Chickens

Chickens and Humans are very similar

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